Marvel is the male tribute from District 1 is the 74th hunger games.His district partner was Glimmer.He placed 8th in the movie and book.


Marvel is 17.His weapon is a spear,(knife in film).He lives in District 1.He is Deceased.


The 74th Hunger GamesEdit

As a Career Tribute Marvel was strong ruthless.It is also mentioned by Katniss that Marvel may not of been the smartest.It is unknown whether he volunteerd or was reaped.He trained for the games like most tributes from their district.

During the opening ceremonies Marvel and Glimmer were spray painted silver and wore tunics.(In the movie they wore pink fluffy outfits.


He showed great skill at spear throwing.He was deadly at a distance.He got a training score of 9.He was given 5-1 as his odds of winning. During Marvel's interview with Ceaser Flickerman,Marvel wore a blue suit.


In the film it is shown that the male from 8 is being stabbed continuislouly.In the book he spears the girl from 7.And he kills the District 9 female.


His Alliance is Glimmer,Clove,Cato,District 4 female,District 3 male,Peeta.But after the Tracker jacker attack its Clove,Cato,District 3 male.Peeta unallied and Glimmer and the District 4 female died from the tracker jacker wounds.Leaving Clove and Cato.


District 7 female,

District 7 Female


Ruemarvelsvictimdont hate



Marvel spearthrowerandrewdistrict1er

Marvel after throwing a spear in the training room.



District 1 Tribute parade

Tribute parade

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